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Additional Services

• Teeth brushing (controls bacteria and bad breath) $5.00
• Flea and tick baths $10.00
• Nails $25.00 (this is a service we’d be happy to provide if we’re already in your area)
• De-shedding (prices vary based on breed size and condition of coat)

What We Do


Puppies need to be slowly introduced to the grooming process as soon as they have received their first series of vaccinations.
First time groom for a puppy should consist of brushing out the coat, nail buffing, cleaning the ears, bathe and fluff drying on the lowest speed.  The scissors and clippers can be introduced during the next groom.

You will not have to drive across town to drop off and pickup your pet.

We understand how hectic your life can be and Angel Paws Mobile Grooming brings the grooming to your driveway.  We don’t want the grooming experience to be stressful for you and your pet.  Angel Paws Mobile Grooming will never cage your pet and you will never have to worry about the stress that comes from being around other barking and aggressive animals.  The spa environment is calming, clean and safe.  The average grooming is about one to two hours depending on the breed and condition of the coat.

​Our Services

Spa Appointments

FULL AND MINI GROOMS: (Call for pricing)
• Therapeutic warm water hydro massage bath treatment using environmental products
• Brushing
• Fluff drying by hand not in cages
• Nails trimmed and buffed
• Ears cleaned to eliminate infections and odors
• Hair removed from pads
• Sanitary and hygiene clip
• Bow or bandanna
• Finishing spray
• Haircut- your pet is trimmed to your specifications or we can recommend a cut that works well based on your pet’s coat and lifestyle.
Prices will vary based on breed, size, temperament and condition of coat.  We will give you a more accurate price when we meet you and your pet face to face.
To avoid de-matting fees, please remember to brush and comb your pet before their grooming appointment.